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RPK Agrotech Exports Pvt. Ltd.

Featured Products

  • Castor

    We manufacture and market various grades of Castor Oil & Castor Seed Extraction.

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  • Cotton

    Cotton is grown world over mainly for its fiber which is used in textile manufacturing.

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  • Organic Fertilizer

    VIKAS is an organic fertilizer produced 100% from Castor Meal. VIKAS is rich in nitrogen and organic matter.

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  • Cattle Feed

    We are into rape seed meal and soya bean meal which is used as cattel and poultry feed.

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  • PPG US $ 1030 per M/T in bulk & US $ 1045 per M/T in Flexi bags
  • FSG US $ 1010 per M/T in bulk & US $ 1025 M/T in Flexi bags
  • Commercial Grade US $ 1000 per M/T in bulk & US $ 1015 per M/T in Flexi bags
  • Castor Meal US $ 80 FAS per M/T in bulk & US $ 90 per M/T in Container
  • Castor Seed Rs. 31550 per M/T Amd
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