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  • PPG US $ 1030 per M/T in bulk & US $ 1045 per M/T in Flexi bags
  • FSG US $ 1010 per M/T in bulk & US $ 1025 M/T in Flexi bags
  • Commercial Grade US $ 1000 per M/T in bulk & US $ 1015 per M/T in Flexi bags
  • Castor Meal US $ 80 FAS per M/T in bulk & US $ 90 per M/T in Container
  • Castor Seed Rs. 31550 per M/T Amd
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Castor Sead Extraction Meal

The De-Oiled cake obtained after the expression of castor bean. The solvent extracted cake, although rich in protein cannot be used as cattle fodder because of its toxicity. However, it can be used as a fertilizer.


Nitrogen 4 % Min
Potassium 1 % Min
Phosphorous 1 % Min
Moisture 12 % Max


De-Oiled Cake is used mainly as fertilizer.

It provides all the major & minor nutrients necessary for better plant growth.

It also helps in increasing the nutrient uptake by plants .

It improves the soil fertility and productivity.

It is known to protect the plants from nematodes and termites.

It improves the yield & quality of the farm produce.

It improves the physical , chemical and biological properties of soil.


In Containers of 20' & 40'

Bulk in lots of 500 Mts minimum