Cotton is grown world over mainly for its fiber which is used in textile manufacturing. Cotton is broadly used for manufacturing of cloth, household items, space suits, industrial products etc. Cotton can be classified mainly based on its staple length, strength and grade.

We trade in SHANKAR VI which in grown in Gujarat Region. SHANKAR VI Cotton contains less NEPS and has better spinning compared to other cotton in the world. It gives more yarn output as compare to other cottons in the world.

Key factors Affecting price of Cotton

  • Domestic Demand of Cotton
  • Supply mainly inter crop parity
  • Production and demand in other cotton region
  • Government policy with respect to import, export, fixation of minimum selling price


  • Staple Length: - 29 mm
  • Micronaire: - 3.8 to 4.9
  • Strength: - 29GPT
  • Trash: - 3% Max
  • Moisture: - 8% Max

World Scenario of Cotton

Cotton is produced in over 80 countries but the trade of cotton is influenced by few countries. Four major producer of cotton are China, USA, India & Pakistan and world's three biggest consumer are China, India and Pakistan. However other countries like Australia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Uzbekistan also have role to play in trade of cotton

Indian Scenario of Cotton

India's Cotton production is increasingly gradually mainly because of increase in yield, better genetically modified seeds and better cultivation practices. India consistently produces bales in the range of 30 to 35 million bales per cotton year. India's own consumption is between 23 to 27 million bales and rest is exported across. In India most of the cotton is produced in the state of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh