Organic Fertilizer

VIKAS is an organic fertilizer produced 100% from Castor Meal. VIKAS is rich in nitrogen and organic matter. It is a simple manure, that encourages soil microbial activity. 100 Kgs of VIKAS brings field nitrogen equals to 1800 Kgs obtained from cow dung. VIKAS is natural and contains no chemical addictives. VIKAS is idle for organic farming also. VIKAS promotes development of roots in crops. In all VIKAS increases life of your field. VIKAS helps to grow good crop in your farms year after year .

How to Use

VIKAS is suitable for any type of soil because of high content of organic matter. VIKAS is also recommended for gardens and lawn.

Typical usage is to put in the field 15 days before planting of crops.

When VIKAS is used as fertilizer in lawns, spread it evenly on the surface and light water is necessary after applying VIKAS fertilizer.

For better result spread VIKAS evenly across field and avoid putting it in lumps.


Crop Usage
Leguminous like Peanuts, Soybeans, Cotton, Groundnut 25 Kgs per acre
Fruit and Vegetables like tomato, pepper, watermelon, mangoes etc.. 25 Kgs per acre
Leafy 12.5 Kgs per acre
Root Vegetables like onion, beets 30 Kgs per acre
Tubers like Potatoes 100 Kgs per acre
Garden and Lawns 200g/m2 (2 times a year)

Benifiets of VIKAS

VIKAS protects crop from nematodes and termites

VIKAS improves chemical and biological properties of soil

VIKAS helps in improving the nutrient intake of crop thus helping in quality of crop

VIKAS over continuous usage improves productivity of the land


Keep away from animals as VIKAS has ricinolic acid which is toxic and harmful for animals.