Castor Oil is obtained from castor seed that has many industrial uses. It is obtained by pressing of castor seed. Castor oil is mild yellow with mild or no odor or taste. Castor oil is mainly used in preservative, medicine, lubrication etc.. About 85% of the worlds castor seed is grown in India and about 75% of India's castor seed is grown in Gujarat region.Learn more


Cotton is grown world over mainly for its fiber which is used in textile manufacturing. Cotton is broadly used for manufacturing of cloth, household items, space suits, industrial products etc. Cotton can be classified mainly based on its staple length, strength and grade.Learn more

Organic Fertilizer

VIKAS is an organic fertilizer produced 100% from Castor Meal. VIKAS is rich in nitrogen and organic matter. It is a simple manure, that encourages soil microbial activity. 100 Kgs of VIKAS brings field nitrogen equals to 1800 Kgs obtained from cow dung. VIKAS is natural and contains no chemical addictives. VIKAS is idle for organic farming also. VIKAS promotes development of roots in crops. In all VIKAS increases life of your field. VIKAS helps to grow good crop in your farms year after year . Learn more

Cattle Feed

We deal in two types of cattle feed mainly rape seed meal and soya bean meal which is obtained from by crushing of rape seed and soya been in expellers. These are further passed through extraction process in solvent extraction plant to obtain fine quality of Rape Seed Meal and Soya Bean Meal.Learn more